One of the most fundamental and essentials to have for any prepper is the Bug-Out-Bag. A bug-out-bag is essentially a backpack that contains the most essential items that a person would need if there was ever a situation where you had to leave your home because of an emergency.

What to Pack in your Bug-Out Bag

What to pack in your Bug Out Bag

  1. Water Bottle
  2. MRE
  3. Lighter
  4. Multi-Tool
  5. Knife
  6. Poncho
  7. Space Blanket
  8. Pistol & Amo
  9. Paracord
  10. change of clothes
  11. First Aid kit
  12. small camp pot
  13. Small Solar Charger
  14. Flash Light
  15. HAM Radio
  16. Radio

There are a lot of philosophies when it comes to the bug out bag, but some of the main tenants that I have always appreciated are to keep the bug-out-bag as light as possible while still having all the essential supplies. Some preppers go way overboard when it comes to what they consider essential gear and they forget that all that gear is going to be extremely heavy and will impede their survival chances by taking a tole on their energy over time.

If you be sure to consider double uses for items, this will help to keep your pack lighter. Also one of the main points that I can make here is that it is essential to rely more on your own knowledge and skills than on your gear. Skills and knowledge don’t add wight to your pack as they say.

Water Bottle

As water is the most essential item to have in a survival situation, it’s important to keep a high quality water bottle in your Pack. I recommend an aluminium water bottle that is not vacuum sealed. That way it can double as a way to boil water if you ever needed it to.

MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)

You will need to bring food with you to keep up your energy, of course you will not be able to bring too much food which is why the military developed the Idea of MREs.


A couple of small lighters in a bug out bag will never hurt. At times I’ve gone the hardcore route and added a flint rod with and magnesium and thats not a bad idea, however a lighter lasts quite a while and honestly is probably a better idea for a bug out bag.

A Multi-Tool

A good high quality multi-tool is one of the most useful items you can bring. I like the Gerber brand personally but you cant go wrong with a Letherman either.

A Fixed Blade, Full Tang Knife

Again this a prepper staple. I recommend a high quality full tang knife with a holster that you keep on your hip at all times during a bug-out situation. This is for that last piece of personal protection.


A high quality poncho is a great item to keep in your bag. You could also get away with a rain shell. But this really does depend on your location and of course the time of year. Be smart about your clothing in a bug out situation as this could make all the difference in the world. There really could be a whole blog post about clothing to wear during a bug out situation.

Space Blanket

A good high quality space blanket has multiple uses and is a small lightweight item that is a no brainer for the bug out bag.

Piston and Ammo

This too is a whole blog post which I will get to at some point. But if we are speaking specifically about the bug-out bag I would recommend a small pistol to be added to the bag. The decision of wether or not to also bring a long riffle is one that has been debated. Personally I would no doubt bring a riffle but we will discuss that in a different post.


A prepper staple but one that has too many uses to not include in the list.

Change of Clothes

A change of clothing is a great idea to have in a bug out bag. We will get into clothing in a separate post but for now just making room for at least one extra change of clothes is a great idea.

Camp Pot

A small aluminium pot to boil water and cook food is a must have in a bug out bag.

Solar Charger

Yes I do have a solar charger in my Bug-Out Bag. We do live in the information age and have the ability to use a phone if connection is available is great to plan for.

A First Aid Kit

I recommend making your own first aid kit. Think of your family when preparing the kit. Kids & Adult Ibuprofen, bandages and Neosporin are at the top of my list. I would also make sure to buy a suture kit and learn how to stitch a wound.

Ham Radio

Buying a couple HAM radios is a great idea. I keep 10 in my faraday cage.


When the lights are out, TVs and internet does not work. The Radio still works. I keep a multi powered radio that can be powered by the sun as well as a hand crank.

Flash Light

A great flashlight is something that you will want to have in your pack.

A bug out bag, also known as a go bag, is a portable kit that contains essential items for survival in the event of an emergency or disaster situation. The purpose of a bug out bag is to provide an individual or group with the necessary supplies to quickly evacuate an area and sustain themselves for a short period of time until help arrives or a new location is found.

Bug out bags are often associated with survivalists, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts, but they can be useful for anyone who wants to be prepared for an unexpected emergency situation.

The last thing to keep in mind about a bug out bag is that it is just the first step to becoming a prepper. Once you start to build your knowledge and supplies you will realize that a bug-out bag is really only going to help you in very short term localized emergencies like escaping a wildfire, earthquake or other localized natural disaster. In the event of a major downfall of society across a large country you will need much more than a bug out bag to keep you thriving. Continue to check back on this blog as I will continue to post on the topic.