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Musings on prepparedness, survival and the like.


Blackout Prepping

A few years ago my hometown of San Diego (in fact much of the south west including western Arizona, Baja California Mexico) experienced a full-scale blackout. These are quite rare here as we have very mild weather. As a city, are just not set up well to cope with these types of disruptions. Going through […]


Bug Out Jeep with Kayak

During my trip to Fort Collins Co I found this sweet Jeep packed with a high center jack, shovels and jerry cans. The best part was a one man kayak resting on the roof racks. Check that shift knob…it’s a grenade…lol


Backpacking for Bug Out Practice

Recreational activities that keep you healthy are always a great idea, and hey if they also make you just that much closer to being prepared for a disaster situation then all the better. Backpacking is such an activity that lends itself perfectly into a preppers hobby list. Virtually everything about backpacking will make you more […]


Preppers love Para Cord

In part 1 of our how to spot a prepper series we will discuss Parachute Cord, or Para Cord. Cordage


Bicycle Touring for Preppers

A big part of my philosophy when it comes to prepping is that every prep should serve a dual purpose. A great way to flip that on its head is take up every day hobbies that translate well into prepper skills. There are many skills that translate well into a prepper’s repertoire and bike touring […]

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Eco Prepping With A Water Catchment System

My philosophy on prepping is that your preps should serve a dual purpose if at all possible, and water chatchment or rain water harvesting systems are an excellent example of a dual purpose prep. They save you money on your water bill, save water in general as well as make an a superb prep should […]

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