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Navy SEAL Training for Civilians

A year ago I began searching for Navy SEAL training without having to in-list. I found a few pretty cool ways to accomplish this but many were out of my price range or out of my area, until I found Ready 5. Not only is this organization lead by former Navy SEAL snipper Joe Ready, […]


Prepper Riffle

Ok I finally decided to post on everyone’s favorite topic. What is the best gun for a prepper? Or what are the best guns for bugging out? So I am not the first person to ever post on this topic, and I do not profess to be the expert, but I will let you in […]


12% Chance of Coronal Mass Ejection

We are currently in our most vulnerable state in human history We are more reliant now on critical infrastructure and technology then ever before. We have lost many, if not all of the skills that made it possible for us to survive and thrive in lower tech societies of the past. We are extremely dependent […]


What are the Chances of a Pandemic

As a prepper one of my concerns is that of a pandemic occurring. This could be Ebola, flu or some other communicable disease that we have not detected yet. I often have conversations about how likely an End-Of-The-World-As-We-Know-It situation is to occur with friends, and most people believe that it is an extremely minute chance. […]

Navy Seal Workout

Work Out Like SEAL Team 6

A few months ago I had the privilege of training with the highest ranking Navy SEAL, Vice Admiral Robert Harward. Needless to say this was the single most difficult work-out I have ever done. I guess I am a glutton for punishment because when invited a second time, I jumped at the opportunity. Vice Adm. […]


EMP Resistant 1984 Toyota Diesel Pick Up | Bug Out Vehicle

I love Toyota trucks. I really want to be a Chevy or Jeep guy and be all-American, but for some reason I can’t help the fact that I dig Toyota. I am also a fan of older model trucks, manual transmissions, carbureted engines, and diesels made pre 1996. They are easier to work on and […]

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